What supporters are saying about Mike

Here are some testimonials from citizens in the HRM explaining why they support the re-election of Mike Savage for mayor.

Diana Whalen

Chris Lydon

Alison Murphy

Derek Martin

Joyce Liu

Bruce Guthro

Emma Shoveller

Doug Townsend & Renée Lavallee

Darrell Dexter

Charlie A’Court

Rob Batherson

Darren Fisher

Hope Blooms

Peter Stoffer

Dustin O'Leary

Steve Estey

Bill Karsten

Fiona Kirkpatrick Parsons

Naofall 'Ming' Folahan

Jennifer Fitzpatrick

Wendy Fraser, the North Grove

Julia Rivard Dexter

Senator Tom McInnis

A picture of Tom McInnis with the words, I support mayor mike.My home town of Sheet Harbour is a core community on the most eastern end of the Halifax Regional Municipality. Our Village provides all of the core services to the area, such as hospital, school, bank, grocery store, fuel and so on.  The forestry, mining, fishery and service industries are the main sources of employment.

Three years ago, our old community centre was condemned for use.  We formed a group to seek a replacement and the first meeting was with Mayor Mike Savage.  He listened, vowed to do what he could to assist.

He visited Sheet Harbour to view the old facility, the proposed new site, introduced our group and the project to the entire Council on several occasions, left the Mayor's Chair to speak in favour of the project and participated in many conference calls with our Board, MLA and MP.

Through Mayor Savages leadership, HRM Council voted unanimously to contribute $3 Million and led that way to have the Province and the Federal government contribute like amounts.

HRM is a large Municipality with 60% of Nova Scotia's population living in the metropolitan area of Halifax.  The Mayor's time is well occupied.  For our Mayor to participate as he did for the replacement of a major piece of infrastructure in our small town out here in rural HRM speaks volumes about his leadership, compassion and importance he places on the well being of all citizens of HRM no matter the area you reside.

All rural areas are challenged to maintain essential services and to attract and hold medical professionals and teachers.  Key pieces of infrastructure is critical.  There are many other examples of his leadership I could recount and that is why I endorse Mike Savage for Mayor.

- Senator Tom McInnis